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Scooting Dance: How to Express your Doodle’s Anal Glands

how to express your goldendoodles anal glands
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Sometimes an itch is just an itch. We have all seen our doodles scoot along the sidewalk or carpet. If this behavior is reoccurring you may want to have a look under the tail! Yes. Anal Glands.

If you find swelling or irritation be sure to see your vet. There are two anal glands ( sacs) located on each side of the lower part of the rectum ( 8pm-4pm) and they can become impacted and infected. Your Vet can express the glands for you. The good news is that you can do this at home. Your Vet can show you or you can go to YouTube and watch the tutorials to express your dogs anal glands

The process is simple. You will need plastic gloves, wash cloth and newspaper. Place your dog on the newspaper and lift the tail. With wash cloth in hand, gently squeeze upward at the 8pm and 4pm position. If the glands are full a small amount of cream colored fish smelling liquid should drip onto the cloth. That’s it!

You may need to have someone hold your pup’s head the first time so you do not have a nose in the way! This is not something that you need to do very often. When you notice the scooting, it is likely time to express the anal glands again. You may want to discuss with your Vet a high fiber or raw diet if this is a regular occurrence. Exercise is also a good way to help relieve this common issue!!

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