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Potty Training Your Doodle With Bells On

Dog Bells For Potty Training
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For those of you starting the potty training process with your doodle, consider training with bells on your door.

The poodle side of our doodles is very intelligent, and as we found with our Bernedoodle, doodles are quick learners. Growing up, our family pets had their own way of telling us they needed to go out. At the beginning, it was a learning process to understand how they communicated. Some of our dogs would whimper, others give a commanding bark, and in Chewboo’s case, just sitting at the door until noticed. The latter ending in a puddle at the door. Of course it wasn’t his fault; it was a communication breakdown.

Bernedoodle Potty Training

Chewboo the Bernedoodle

So to get us all on the same page, my husband and I trained Chewboo to ring bells when he needed to go. At first, I was skeptical, but we started by tying two large bells from the craft store together with a long piece of ribbon. Chewboo being only a few weeks old, we adjusted the length so that he could bump it with his nose. We started out encouraging him to touch the bells and when he did, we would open the door and let him out.

As he learned, we started to add a verbal phrase to what he was doing, “Need to go potty?”. Teaching Chewboo this trick went a long way to putting us at ease with the potty training process. Not only did he never have an accident in the house using this method, but we knew exactly when he had to go no matter where we were in the house. Once your pup gets used to the bells, you can take them with you on trips and your pup will know how to use them no matter where you are. Just be sure to show your pup the door where he/she should ring them first.

To this day we use the bells with Chewboo, and I would recommend it to any doodle owner.

Best of luck in potty training!






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  • Have you used this technique for your doodle? How did it work for you?

  • We trained our almost nine year old Goldendoodle to be let out to potty with bells on the door to the backyard. She bangs on the bells and the door happens to be in the kitchen. She is so smart she knows if she rings the bells we will get up, so if she’s hungry or wants a treat or water she rings them! Lots of bells ringing in our house lol!

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