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Help Find Cooper the Labradoodle: Doodle Put on the Wrong Westjet Flight in Canada

Cooper the Labradoodle
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Edit:  Great job Doodle Family! Cooper was spotted and caught Friday morning (2/21/2017) and returned to his owner. Our sharing of this story helped spread the word all over the world. Cooper is safe and healthy and the airline will be paying any vet bills associated with this.

Okay Doodle Family, it’s time to help if we can.


A search is underway in Hamilton (Canada) for a Cooper the Labradoodle, who was put on a WestJet plane to Hamilton instead of Newfoundland by mistake.


His owners flew into the city and have been searching desperately Thursday for him, while the city is in the middle of a massive rain and thunderstorm.


His owner, Terri Pittman, put Cooper on a flight from Halifax to Deer Lake, N.L., on Wednesday. Her parents were supposed to pick him up to take care of him, but instead the Cooper the Labradoodle was put on a flight to Hamilton. WestJet called to tell her that Cooper had arrived about midnight on Wednesday.


When airline staff let the dog out to pee, it escaped its collar. 


Pittman flew to Hamilton herself Thursday morning and has been searching ever since. WestJet covered the flights and hotels and meals for Pittman and her roommate to fly to Hamilton for the search.


Hamilton airport said it is helping WestJet. The Hamilton airport security line is open for anyone who has seen Cooper: 905.679.4908.


Please Share this story so we can help find Cooper safe!




Tell the world!
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