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From A Fan: Why does my Goldendoodle’s Face Smell?

why does my goldendoodles face smell
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Question from Devoted to Doodles Fan

“Hello, my 3 year old Goldendoodle has a pungent odor that seems to come from her face. I brush her teeth regularly and it is not her mouth. Can you help?” – Anonymous


This is a good question and a very common one.


Ears, Eyes and Mouth.


We’ve ruled out mouth, so go to the Eyes and Ears.



Dogs, especially doodle breed dogs, tend to have leaky eyes that can cause staining and even smell. The discharge wets and settles into the fur under their eyes, thus causing bacteria to stay put and grow. Improper cleaning of the eye discharge can cause staining, infection and even an unpleasant smell. This discharge can also create crusty bits that matte into their fur, causing a multifaceted problem for you and your pooch. The best solution is to wipe your Goldendoodle’s eyes with a warm washcloth daily to clean the area. This will prevent staining, infection and smelly faces.



A Goldendoodle, like many poodle mixes, tends to have a lot of fur on and in their ears. The ear area is also one of the most prone to matting. Their ears are also floppy, putting them at risk for ear infections inherently. Inspect your Goldendoodle’s ears for matted fur, moisture and infection. Some signs of an ear infection include: unpleasant smell, shaking of the head, discharge, redness and pain. Some ear infections can become serious if not taken care of, so get your pooch to the vet right away if you suspect one. To prevent any smells or infections, clean your Goldendoodle’s ears a few times a week with a cotton ball and a mild astringent (like witch hazel). This will keep their ears clean, smell and infection free.


Although we ruled out the mouth, this is also a big source of a smelly face. Like humans, dogs need regular oral care and you should brush your doodles teeth daily with a dog safe toothpaste. This will prevent infections, odor and abscesses.


We hope this information helped. If for some reason none of these tips help, promptly take your Goldendoodle to her vet for further investigation of the odor.


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