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Doodle Breed Anxiety and How to Cope with It

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Doodle breed anxiety and how to cope with it


Has your doodle ever been terrified of a noise or storm? Have they ever chewed through the crate or jumped through a window? Sadly a lot of doodle owners have similar experience s and it is a frustrating situation for both the owner and the pet. Unfortunately, because of the level of frustration and destruction, the behavior can lead to multiple rehoming and higher levels of.


Some people believe that anxiety in your pup can be caused by lack of socialization.


Socialization needs to begin and be continued from birth through sixteen weeks. This process should include multiple social activities and introduction to new environments and people (not just family.) The process needs to be positive and often.


Do not ignore your dog when he or she becomes anxious.


Speak to your dog in a normal fashion and reassure them through your body language and presence. If necessary, divert their attention. If the anxiety is due to a storm always keep in mind that animals are sensitive to barometric pressure and investing in a comfort jacket or placing the dog in a safe place ( basement, bathtub, closet) can help the dog with this issue.


There are two big problems associated with anxiety; aggression and destruction. Aggression is not a dominant trait. It is a defense mechanism. It becomes dominant when the dog realizes it works and no one is correcting the behavior!


Destruction is usually due to separation anxiety. Barking, whining, excessive chewing, are signs of separation anxiety and hyper attachment to the owner because of a lack of socialization. The best and most effective way to deal with these two anxiety issues is through behavior modification training with the dog and owner.


Doodles aren’t the only dogs that can have anxiety issues. Herding and Hunting breeds do have a predisposition to anxiety as they are bred to be hyper aware.  If you are rescuing a dog from a shelter or rehoming always remember that both situations are stressful and your dog will most likely show signs of anxiety for weeks or until they feel safe. Avoid dog parks are large loud crowds when introducing these new family members to social activities until they feel secure and their behavior has settled. Speak with a trainer if necessary. There is no quick fix but there is behavior modification!

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