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When Did My Dogs Become Kids?

Cockapoo Puppies
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I don’t remember the day or even the month but at some point in time my dogs transformed.  No, they didn’t morph into another type of being.  They still had their four legs, fur coats and wet noses, but the whole dog world seemed to change without my realizing it.

As I leafed through a catalogue looking at the newest bobbles for my little girls’ hair and the trendiest polo shirt for my boy I thought, “Wow, all this for dogs!”

But that was only the tip of the iceberg.  Certainly to the canine-free folks of the world, it may be considered pushing the envelope when it comes to what we do for our fur-kids these days.  And the extravagance is not limited to Paris Hilton and the other Hollywood celebrity dog parents.  No, even in small town North America, you’ll find those whose motto is, “Nothing’s too good for my Fifi.”  But Swarovski crystal?

Now, we’ve all seen the folks who love to put a wool sweater or winter coat on Fido (guilty as charged).   But really, is there a group of Bulldogs on a beach somewhere drooling over the pretty white Poodle in an itsy, bitsy polka-dot bikini?  Of course, her perfectly manicured nails will be painted with the latest colors or have rainbow-hued rubber tips glued on.  And she’ll be wearing the newest doggie sunglasses with UV protection and in the most flattering shade.  On her way home, her “Mom” will push her in her puppy stroller while she munches on the yummy organic treats purchased at the trendiest pet boutique in town.

Recently, I saw an image of a juvenile golden retriever with braces.  Seriously?  But, as it turns out, the tin mouth isn’t meant to improve aesthetics but actually for truly life-altering reasons.  Alas, I’m betting there’s a “craze” here that won’t be long in catching on.

Doggie daycare has become a popular way to socialize the fur-kids whose Moms and Dads work long hours.

But, what to buy for the pooch down the block when your Beagle receives an invite to his birthday paw-ty?

Truth be told, I’m almost as guilty (sorry my girls don’t have Swarovski crystal…yet) for spoiling my three.  But, we have laughed out loud to ourselves when we’re travelling with the “brats” buckled in and one of us says, “Don’t make me come back there!”

Cockapoo Dogs

Left to right: Norfolk Terriers Teegan Marie, Thomas Magnum, and Cockapoo Miss Joee

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