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Bernedoodle Breed Information

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A Bernedoodle is a cross breed of a Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. Bernedoodles take the best quality of both of their parts. The social and hardworking Bernese Mountain Dog and the loyal and smart Poodle. Standard Bernedoodles range in weight from 75-90lbs. Breeding smaller poodles can produce Mini Bernedoodle which are usually between 30-50lbs full grown. Some breeders are capable of breeding even smaller toy versions of Bernedoodles. Do your breeder research before going forward with a very small bred Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle puppies are known to be quick witted and active but grow to be a loyal part of your family. Depending on the breeding process of your Bernedoodle, he/she may be hypoallergenic due to poodle’s heritage. Bernese Mountain Dogs are VERY prone to shedding by nature. It is important if you have allergies to talk to your Bernedoodle breeder to confirm if your pup will be hypoallergenic. Bernedoodles are prone to hip dysplasia, heart disease and certain cancers. The Bernese Mountain Dog sadly has only a 7 year lifespan due to its size and possible health issues, so the mix of a healthy Poodle adds more health and longevity to your pup. Proper nutrition and exercise is of the upmost importance for Bernedoodles to keep them healthy and strong. The average lifespan of a properly bred Bernedoodle is 10-15 years.

Bernedoodles, like many poodle hybrids need regular grooming. Because of multi layered fur, they are prone to matting especially around the ears and groin. It is very important to brush your Bernedoodle several times a week. Daily brushing is ideal for a healthy coat free of mats. Poodle hybrids with these types of coats can matt quickly and it can go straight to the skin before you know it. Get in touch with an experienced groomer to help you maintain your Bernedoodles coat and nails.

Bernedoodle AdultBernedoodles come in several types of coats due to their breed mix and generation. Some shades of coats are Tricolor Bernedoodles, Sable Tricolor Bernedoodles, Phantom Bernedoodles, Bicolor Bernedoodles, and Parti Color Bernedoodles. Like most poodle hybrids, generation matters. First Generation, or F1, are half pure bred Bernese Mountain Dog and half purebred Poodle. A F1b Bernedoodle is a cross of a F1 Bernedoodle and a purebred Poodle. F1b Bernedoodles are the most allergy friendly as they have poodle genes from both sides.

Bernedoodles thrive in active homes. Some take after their “worker dog” Bernese Mountain Dog sides and love a job to do, whether it is manual labor, tricks, games, mind tricks, or training. Bernese Mountain Dogs were originated in the Swiss Alps and were often working dogs that helped owners pull carts, watch for predators and herd livestock. They are affection hogs and love to cuddle and lay about with the family, but also love when you throw the ball for them.

Although this breed is perfectly content with an apartment situation, the ideal house is one with a medium to large yard so they can get proper exercise. A daily walk can burn a lot of puppy energy off too! With any dog, training is also important. Bernedoodles are incredibly smart and quick to catch on. The sooner you get to training them the better they will do. Start with small and easy tricks and work your way up as your pup gets better with commands. Crate training can also help to potty train your Bernedoodle quickly and without much fuss.

Overall, a Bernedoodle is a great addition to any household.

They love being part of a family “pack” and are always eager to please. Do your very best to find a proper breeder with a good reputation when picking your Bernedoodle. Poodle Hybrids are very popular and have stimulated puppy mills to overbreed them. The last thing you want is a sick Bernedoodle prone to cancer and other diseases due to improper breeding. There are many great breeders out there, so get in touch with a good one before you get your own Bernedoodle life partner!

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