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Peggianne Wright is a serious lover of all things canine! For the past 30-odd years, she has been a fur-mom and advocate for the health, safety, and well-being (both physical and mental) of fur-kids. She is also an aspiring writer attending countless workshops, seminars, and webinars to further enhance her craft and has written some canine-related short stories. Her life is a blend of these loves. Website: Facebook:

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It's a four letter word that makes just about every fur-kid on the planet head for the hills

The decision to bring a puppy into the family is a serious one whether we think so or not.  Choosing and adopting should be considered as important as so

I've never really been a fan of retractable leashes.  It always seemed to me that it reduced the amount of control one had over their dog while walking them.

I don’t remember the day or even the month but at some point in time my dogs transformed.  No, they didn’t morph into another type of being.  They still

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