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7 Must Follow Doodle Lover Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is HUGE and there are so many great accounts for Goldendoodle, Labradoodle and Doodle Lovers. However, there are a few that are a “MUST FOLLOW” for you. Check them out!

1.) @hudsonthegoldendoodle

This mini Goldendoodle is full of friends and spends a lot of time playing around New York and visiting his furry friends. If you love fluffy doodles in costumes, Hudson is your guy!

hudson the goldendoodle with a ball

hudson the goldendoodle pizza party

2.) @thatgoldendoodle

Murphy the Goldendoodle identifies as a “human” and she always looks the part. She wears her “people clothes” for most of what she does, whether it is at a BBQ, the office or just winding down with some wine (we are sure it is dog friendly, right?). Murphy will become your new spirit animal


murphy the goldendoodle

3.) @christophercline

We’ve featured Chris before on our site, because what he does is just so awesome. Famous for his unique photography of himself and his Goldendoodle Juji, you will always enjoy seeing his fanciful photos run down your screen.


chris cline

chris cline flowers

4.) @mr.cruisergdoodle

Cruiser is the cutest bandana wearing little Goldendoodle you’ll ever see. Even better, his account is always full of really cool reviews of dog products that they send to him. Did we mention he is kinda a firefighter too?

mr cruiser goldendoodle

mr cruiser goldendoodle firefighter

5.) @samsonthedood

Samson will bring you so much Joy! Whether he is lounging in his bath robe or having a couple brews with his buddies, you won’t be able to contain your smile looking through his photos.

samson the goldendoodle

samson the goldendoodle tuxedo

6.) @forest.and.jameson

Forest and Jameson are biological Goldendoodle brothers who love doing everything together. Their account is full of photos of them playing outside, lounging in bed, or hanging at the beach. If you love brotherly love, this is the account to follow.

forest and jameson goldendoodles

forest and jameson sleeping

7.) @elliedoodledog

Ellie Lou the Goldendoodle is just the cutest thing. She loves visiting her friends, snuggling up with her owners and rocking her awesome sunglasses. This amount of adorable should be illegal LOL

ellie the goldendoodle sunglasses

ellie the goldendoodle pizza

8.) BONUS:  @devotedtodoodles

Obviously, Devoted to Doodles Instagram account is a must follow too! We always share the cutest photos of doodles from all over the world. Don’t forget us!

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