Saturday, February 24, 2018

The decision to bring a puppy into the family is a serious one whether we think so or not.  Choosing

Blue Buffalo joins the list of several dog food companies to issue recalls on their food just this month. It

Doodle breed anxiety and how to cope with it   Has your doodle ever been terrified of a noise or storm? Have

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I've never really been a fan of retractable leashes.  It always seemed to me that it reduced the amount of

Popular dog food recalled Evanger’s has voluntarily recalled some of its dog food after it was discovered that a drug

For those of you starting the potty training process with your doodle, consider training with bells on your door. The

Sometimes an itch is just an itch. We have all seen our doodles scoot along the sidewalk or carpet. If

I know. I know. It was widely speculated that we would have our very first Goldendoodle First Dog, but it

D2D: Tell us how you got started in breeding? Stacy: I have worked with dogs professionally since 2001 as a trainer

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